+ regis philbin welcomes craig to the new studio!
+ 'i don't know if i realized it until we got some lights on us just how sucky it was!' craig ferguson comments on the new studio, 'i tell you what i'm worried about as well, it looks a little more like a late night show, which means we look a little more like them, which means we have to be more like us.  i had to take a couple weeks off so that they could do all this.  whenever i go on vacation the world goes crazy!  you know, the stories that you wish would happen when you were working.  i take a couple weeks off so they can do this, and thats when prince harry runs around las vegas naked!  i'm like 'why?!?'  couldnt you wait a couple weeks, you royal bastard?!?  here's the recap:  prince harry ran around naked in vegas, madonna rain around naked in london.  i think america got the better end of the deal if you ask me!  but if prince harry gets in more trouble he may not be able to go back to hogwarts next year! what will hufflepuff do without their star seeker?  vegas already had carrot top, but now they've got carrot bottom!'
- kristen bell  talks with craig and goes on a tour of the new set.

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