sandra peterson (no relation)

'something weird just happened...' craig ferguson fearfully exclaims, 'geoff and i were mucking about before the show, right geoff?'
'yup, just muckin'.' geoff responds.
'yeah, just muckin about.  nothing strange going on.  just a guy and his gay robot pal.  and i threw a question at him and said 'i dont know, maybe we should ask the rhino' and watch what happens'
'i said 'hi, how are ya?' says the stuffed rhino head above the mantle!
'wow!  i know!  is your name sandra?' craig asks due to the sign under the rhino head that says 'sandra'.
'yeah, sandra peterson.' the rhino head responds.
'sandra peterson?!?' craig asks.
'yeah, no relation though.'
'where are you from?'
'i'm from the east coast, i did some traveling up and down there, and then you know, i came across country and answered geoff's ad and now here i am' sandra responds.
'you put an ad in for a rhino?' craig asks.
geoff answers 'i just said i was horny...'
'well thats good, you are very welcome here' craig tells.
'thank you, its just, you know, you and geoff have a good thing going and i didnt want to interupt the comedy team of abbot and costello, and peterson and ferguson.' sandra replies.
'wait wait, ferguson and peterson' craig corrects.
'i think she had it right the first time' geoff interupts.
'so let me get this straight' craig adds,  'i am now going to be heckled by a gay robot appliance and a wall hanging?  that pleases me...'

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