+ 'its a great day today if you are a republican', craig ferguson states, 'the republican national convention is in full swing down there in tampa.  speeches are being made, hats are being thrown in the air, everyone gets their own hippie to slap around!  tonight was the big night john mccain not only celebrated his birthday, happy birthday john mccain-76!  the biggest speech tonight was given by paul ryan, mit romney's choice for vice president.  for those of you who dont know, paul ryan is a congressman from wisconsin, and of course the eldest son of meg ryan.  paul ryan was only 29 when he was first elected to congress.  when i was 29 i got my penis stuck in a jacuzzi spicket!  i guess every man makes his own path to greatness...  picking a vice president can be risky.  i mean, you can think outside the box and pick someone who will excite people like sarah palin, or you can play it safe with a nice down home family man like john edwards.'
- jeffrey dean morgan
nick griffin
- fiona gubelmann

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