+ 'its a great day if you are into space', craig ferguson shares, 'cause there's a moon rock going up for auction today.  this moon rock is five inches tall, it weighs four pounds.  its expected to sell for three hundred and eighty thousand pounds.  thats a lot of money- even mit romney is like 'damn!'  personally, i would never spend that much on a moon rock.  i'm not interested.  i'm only interested in objects from uranus.  i'm talking about space, i have to get the uranus joke out of the way, its comedy rules.  so, lets get uranus out of the way, even if it is adorable!  anyway, the moon is old to me, its yesterday's news.  i'm in to mars now.  the moon is the jonas brothers, while mars is one direction!  the moon was a big deal in the 1960's, but then again, so was lsd.  for you young people, lsd was what your parents got high on because they didnt have bath salts...  anyway, i'm really in to mars, i'm excited about nasa's curiosity rover.  it took off from cape canaveral last november and it landed on mars three weeks ago.  its still faster than flying jet blue, am i right? there's your late night joke!  the curiosity rover has two seperate computer systems, so they probably should have called it bi-curiosity rover!  in space, no one can hear you swoosh...'
- nikki reed
* mitch albom

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