+ 'most channels had the democratic national convention tonight', criag ferguson states, 'i think this is an important election, i think everyone's responsibility is to stay informed.  so i did my part and i watched 'here comes honey boo boo' on tlc.  thank god for cable!  if you dont have cable, and clearly if you are watching me you dont, i'll explain the honey boo boo.  honey boo boo is an adorable little girl from the south who can sing and dance and act.  no wait, i'm thinking of justin timberlake.  anyway, the show 'here comes honey boo boo' is a show about this little girl's family from rural georgia.  now, they call themselves rednecks, but then so does jeff foxworthy.  compared to the honey boo boo's, jeff foxworthy is like downton abbey!  'i say, lady cybil, you might be a redneck if your fiance was previously your chauffeur.  anyway, the family call themselves rednecks like the jersey shore kids used to call themselves guidos.  and they should all call themselves what they are now, which is of course, rich!  but the jersey shore got cancelled, and now we've got honey boo boo.  one show dies and the other is born.  its the circle of reality show life.  hakuna ma boo boo!'
- jeremy irons
- monica potter
gerry dee

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