+ 'its a big day if you like zombies', craig ferguson says, 'zombies are awesome.  if you like movies about zombies: resident evil retribution opens today!  yes!  i know you dont care, but i'm very excited about it, it stars my favorite actress milla jovovich.  beautiful as she is, i'm not sure that she is that good at killing zombies.  i mean, this is the 15th resident evil movie, how many zombies can there be left?  the movie is directed by milla's husband.  now this is the only time when its ok for an actress to make out with a director. i'm looking at you, kristen!  in these movies milla jovovich is fighting something called the umbrella company. i'm thinking 'wow, you've really given up on the evil mastermind thing when you just call it the umbrella company.  i'm not sure what makes them evil, maybe they open umbrellas indoors.  which is just foolish, really.'
- tom lennon
- brit marling

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