+ craig ferguson first takes a moment to remember one of his favorite guests michael clark duncan who passed away over the weekend.
+ 'its a great day if you love the conventions, and who doesnt?' craig asks, 'the democratic national convention is underway for three days in charlotte north carolina.  everything democrats do is good and everything republicans do is evil.  it doesnt bother me, i live in california, its like that every day!  i've been to charlotte, they have a great nascar track.  thats why the democrats picked it, they love everything that forces you to turn left.  michelle obama gave a great speech earlier tonight, nothing gets the crowd going like reminding them to eat more arugula!  later in the week, former democratic nominee john kerry is going to give a speech about foreign policy.  it will be like clint eastwood's speech except this time the empty chairs will be in the audience...  i want to go easy on clint eastwood though, i watched that thing.  i will admit it wasnt his best performance last week at the republican national convention, but he's given us decades of great films.  so democrats, if you are looking to mock mit romney by dragging an inanimate object out on to stage, why not use mit romney!'
+ the rather late programme with prince charles is back!  this time prince charles gives his son prince harry a good ribbing for his latest trip to las vegas.
- kathy griffin

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