+ 'if i seem like i've got a little extra wind in my sails', craig ferguson admits, 'its because the new season of dancing with the stars was just on earlier tonight and i enjoyed it immensely.  i've also got wind in my sails because i cut holes in my underpants.  everybody loves dancing with the stars, even al quida loves dancing with the stars.  in their latest tape they were like 'death to america, but only after we see joey fatone dance the macarena!'  anyway, dancing with the stars is on abc, but they actually tape it here at television city.  when i drive into the building i see all the people lined up for their audience and its funny to watch them get all excited when they see me come in the artist's entrance and then they are like 'ugh'.  a bit like the audience here, actually.  this season's dancing with the stars is called the 'all stars edition'.  in previous seasons people have complained that they have never heard of the stars.  well, not this year, this is the all star season!  they've got big names, they've got sabrina brian, melissa rycroft, giles marini.  yes, giles marini!  they've got him... or her.'
- dennis quaid
- ellie kemper

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