+ 'its been a pretty tough day for mit romney', craig ferguson states, 'he's in a bit of hot water.  earlier this year mit romney was speaking at a private fundraiser, which is political code of 'rich people fiesta'.  its not a big deal, both parties do it.  their candidates get down on their knees and they beg old rich bastards for money.  its like kissing babies except with more drool and poopy diapers.  well, at the fundraiser, someone secretly taped mit romney doing something insane.  what he did was, and this is it, he was saying what he actually believes!  what the fuck?!? you cant do that!  thats a rookie mistake, mister!  if you want to be president of the united states there's two things you can never do: 1 is you can never say what you really believe, and the other is to admit you were born in kenya.  one of the things he said was that 47 percent of people would never vote for him.  that is pessimistic  mit!  i am surprised, mit romney is a self made man, he took his dad's millions and turned it into millions...  a lot of people are saying its over for him, its not, he's still got six weeks left.  he could still get back in to this thing, he just needs to do something radical, like create a deadly virus that kills off poor people.'
- john goodman
+ larry king's presidential election history
- arjay smith
= melissa etheridge

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