+ 'our long national nightmare is over', craig ferguson cheers, 'the nfl refs are back! hurray!  its official, we have returned to the most hated people in america once again are divorce lawyers.  when i heard the nfl was bringing back real refs i though 'all is right in the land'.  then i watched honey boo boo and i went back to thinking 'nope, we're screwed.'  today in the nfl the commissioner announced the deal and apologized to the fans for the poor performance of the replacement refs.  he also said that he's a bit sorry for the cleveland browns.  we're like 'i know'.  i look forward to your angry hate mail.  the integrity of the game of football has been restored.  from now on if you want to turn on your tv and see someone with no clue how to do their job, you will have to watch this show again!'
- anne heche
- jennifer carpenter

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