+ 'its a great day here at cbs', craig ferguson explains, 'earlier tonight there was a premiere of the new show 'vegas'.  it was awesome.  i loved it.  its such a good show they didn't even use a dollar sign in the 's' for vegas.  thats how you know its classy.  los vegas, of course, is a great setting for a tv show. its the perfect combanation of glamourous and sleezy... outside of my pants.  now, it stars dennis quaid.  now, i like dennis quaid, he stars as a rancher turned sheriff.  tv shows always love that, dont they?  they always like somebody who is doing a job that they didnt start off doing.  like, she's a ballerina and a detective!  he's scottish and he's on tv!  anyway, he's the sheriff of las vegas and he realizes that vegas is either incompetent or corrupt.  oh no wait, thats the nfl!'
- tom selleck
- june diane raphael

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