+ 'its a great day today if you like the music videos', craig ferguson informs, 'the vma's were earlier tonight.  now, vma stands for video music awards, yet people say 'vma awards'.  now, thats like saying 'video music awards awards'.  its like atm means 'automated teller machine', but people say they are looking for the atm machine which is like the automated teller machine machine!  sometimes i realize i'm just a mad old man saying stuff in the middle of the night.  its not jokes at all, its just 'argh!'  now, the vma's are downtown at the l.a. staple center.  its an arena, the staple center, it is not the back of joan rivers' neck.  you know, for years the vma's were at radio city music hall in new york city but now its in the staples center, cause what says 'rock and roll' like an office supply super store?'
- angela kinsey
- david simon
= the heavy

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