+ 'tonight is like new years day, the super bowl, and the world series all rolled in to one', craig ferguson announces, 'because tonight is the season premiere of glee!  hurray!  glee is a terrific show, its a lot of fun.  its all about the cheerleader outfits, the heals and the make-up.  and when i'm done getting ready i turn on the tv!  its an amazing show, its turned an entire cast of unknown actors into household names like... um...  well, its got jane lynch, right?  fans of glee are called 'gleeks'.  i wish we had a cool name for people who like this show, but there's not enough of them.  right now they are just called 'people who's cable isnt working'.  glee, of course, is about kids in high school who are in glee club.  you know, scrappy young folk with names like blaine, and racheal, and curt, and snookie, and spuds, and corky, and regis!  i cant really relate to a show like glee or any shows about high school because i wasnt really in high school long enough, i dropped out when i was 15.  and the scottish educational system of the 1970's frowned upon glee of any kind.  we didn't have a glee club, but we did have a glue club.  i was the president, we had our meetings out in the back with paper sacks and airplane glue...'
- katey sagal
- mike massimino

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