+ 'i'll tell you why i'm excited', craig ferguson hints, 'there's some big movies opening today i'm looking forward to.  there's 'the trouble with the curve', which is about my penis.  and the other big movie is 'dredd', which is also about my penis...  trouble with the curve is a clint eastwood movie, clint is a crotchety baseball scout, and dredd is based on an  old british comic that i grew up with.  now, an old british comic book and clint eastwood are very different of course,  one is a wrinkly thing i used to hide in my bed when i was a teenager, and the other is a comic book.  people are giving clint eastwood a bit of flack, some people are saying 'trouble with the curve? what about trouble with the chair! ha ha!'  ok, it was me who said that.  we should have known clint was really in to chairs because of his old movies.  there was 'every which way but stool', 'the armchairs of madison country', 'the good, the bed, and the beanbag'.  anyway, clint eastwood is an icon, he has won so many awards, its easier to mention the awards he hasn't won.  there's the soul train award... and that's about it.'
- neil patrick harris
> gerry dee

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