+ 'this week was the 40th anniversary of the price is right', craig ferguson shares, 'the big tv special was on tuesday and bob barker says he wasnt asked to be part of it.  i know! apparently the price is right said to its fans 'come on down!  except you bob barker, you stay right there!'  bob is having a war of words with the producers and you dont want to get in a war with barker, he's old school- he'll go plinko on your ass!'  his exact words were 'they chose to ignore me, they havent even offered me a dvd.'  thats true!  when i heard that i was shocked, i was like 'bob barker knows how to use a dvd player?'  i'm kidding, he's a broadcasting legend.  not inviting bob barker to a price is right tv special is like not inviting tom selleck to a mustache convention!
- kunal nayyar
- lauren miller

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