craig's mantel

one of the new features of craig ferguson's new set on the late late show is a beautiful new fire place and mantel.  every time they cut to geoff peterson you can get a good look at it in the background.  the fire is not real, instead it is a cheesy back lit image of a fireplace that flickers a bit.  the interesting part, though, is what craig has on the mantel.  by taking a closer look, we can get a peek in to craig's mind.  careful!
one one side of the mantel we have some of craig's loved ones: a picture of betty white, a one time regular on the show before she got popular again a couple years ago.  next, a framed picture of david letterman, craig's boss.  got to do a little kissing up, huh?  next to him is a picture of tom snyder, the man who hosted the first incarnation of the late late show.  he passed away a few years ago and craig honors his memory by including his picture.  next to him is a small framed picture of justin bieber.  why?  good question...
next on the mantel is a picture of angela lansbury and then a picture of paul mccartney (or at least that's the order craig would say...).  i'm not entirely sure why, but craig has also included a framed photo of the cussy rabbit puppet that once was a common staple of the late late show.  he, and his puppet friends, havent made appearances on the show in a while.  maybe this is craig's way of letting us know that they wont be back...
along with these items, there is an ever changing selection of other items on the mantel, most of them are given as gifts from guests to add to the mantel.  so far, craig has received:
a porcelain skull from kristen bell
a signed photo of pat sagak from neil patrick harris
a photo of kathy griffin meeting prince charles from kathy griffin
a bamboo plant from julie chen


Anonymous said...

Why did Craig remove Dave Letterman's picture from his mantel?

Anonymous said...

Where is the picture of Pat Sajak??