+ 'if you like the daytime tv, then today is your lucky day', craig ferguson states, 'jeff probst, katie curic, and ricki lake all premiered new talk shows.  and we need them.  we need them!  to fill the void left by the queen of daytime tv who's voice we all still miss.  thats right, tony danza!  no, the oprah winfrey show has been off for a year now and everyone wants to fill that empty chair left by oprah.  everyone except for clint eastwood, he just wants to yell at that empty chair!  since oprah left everyone has been asking the same question: whose couch will tom cruise jump on?  you know, when he signs a contract for his next new 'wife'.  you know what i say? forget these other talk shows, bring back oprah!  and i have a feeling that in about, oh, six months oprah will be saying that too...'
- ben stein
- rhona mitra

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