+ 'it is of course the big labor day weekend', craig ferguson shares, 'the last weekend of the summer.  theres only one last day and then the summer is over.  i am going to do what every american should do this weekend: i am going to stay indoors and watch 'doctor who'!  yes, tomorrow night on bbc america is the season premier of doctor who.  now, a lot of americans dont give a rats ass about doctor who, and to those people i say: 'ok'.  but i grew up with it, doctor who is a british television show, its been on in britan for 50 years, its the british equivalent of larry king!  not all british tv is good like doctor who, a lot of it is crap like television the world over.  i saw a lot of british television lately because i was in scotland while they were finishing the new studio.  which, i wasnt gone long enough.  it looks finished in places, but back there its like an abandoned bomb shelter, its just an empty broom closet and bundles of drew carey's old back fat.  they've got to store it somewhere!  doctor who is getting popular in america now, it was the most downloaded show on itunes last year.  i was like 'what? people download stuff thats not pornography?'  doctor who was slow to catch on in america, but thats ok, some american things are slow to catch on in britan.  you know, bubble gum, optimism, oral hygiene.  these things have taken years!  if you've never seen doctor who, its about a doctor who travels through time helping people.  imagine doctor phil if he could travel through time and he actually helped people, and if he was a real fucking doctor!' 
- seth green
- sutton foster

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