+ 'i'm very excited cause there's a big movie out today', craig ferguson exclaims, 'oz the great and powerful.  its a prequel to the wizard of oz.  a little risky, isnt it?  that movie is an american icon, that movie.  a prequel? thats like the french making a prequel to the statue of liberty.  i hope this movie isnt some sort of hipster version of wizard of oz, i'd be very upset.  you know, the tin man is brought to the recycling center, the scarecrow is exchanged for a sparkly vampire that cares about your feelings, dorothy wears ruby crocs and does the harlem shake or something.  by the way, if i know about the harlem shake, that means its over!  let that be a barometer, young people who enjoy trendy things, the minute the fifty year old white guy knows about it, it is no longer relevant to you!  anyway, this prequel to wizard of oz will be fine, it will be fine, it could be great.  george lucas made prequels to the star wars movies and that turned out great, right?'
- chi mcbride
- laurie holden

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