+ 'tax day is done!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'i'm done, i've payed it.  i always feel a bit better once i've paid my taxes.  i don't like to do it, but i feel it is my duty, kind of like hosting this show.  taxes are very complicated though, the u.s. tax code is seven million words!  all the different regulations- its almost as difficult to follow as a fucking episode of 'game of thrones'!  if you didn't get your taxes done on time, the IRS may charge you a penalty  and the last thing i want is to be penalized.  you've got to be careful, pay your taxes!  that's how the feds finally nailed al capone.  its amazing that after all the stuff he did they got him on simple tax evasion.  he should have know that you cant write on your tax form 'that thing with that guy'.'
- selma blair
nathan fielder

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