+ 'its a great day for italy', craig ferguson informs, 'the city of venice was founded on this day in the year 421.  so happy birthday venice, and if i may say in my best italian, 'whas a come and a go!'  you know who else has a birthday today?  sir elton john!  hes 66 years old.  venice and elton john are very different of course, one is an old crumbling landmark that italian sailors have been riding over for years...  its very lucky to have a birthday today because its also vaffel dagen today!  its the day i wait for all year!  vaffel dagen, thats swedish for 'waffel day'.  every year, march 25th, the people of sweden get out of their volvos, they turn off the abba cds, and they start making waffles!  its a big tradition over there.  as far as i am concerned, there are two people in this world: those who love waffles, and al quida.  vaffel dagen is one of my favorite days of the year, its right up there with pancakesgiving, and cinco de pie-o,  ham-oween.  some people prefer pancakes to waffles.  like some guys are ass men and others are breast men.  you know what i say?  it doesnt matter if you are in to waffles or pancakes, or asses or breasts, they are all better if they are covered in maple syrup!'
- morgan freeman
- vera farmiga

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