+ 'did you watch the show 'bates motel'?' craig ferguson asks, 'it premiered on a&e.  wow!  it was the most watched drama on a&e, the channel that brought you hoarders and duck dynasty.  these are big shows!  i'm going to pitch them a show about someone who hoards ducks.  its me.  i've got one in my pants right now...  bates motel, its a spin off from the movie psycho.  i hope this doesnt mean we are going to get other cheap knock offs like 'stabbing with the stars', 'how i met your murderer', 'so you think you can put the lotion in the basket?', 'downton stabby'.  psycho was the movie that changed the way i look at roadside motels.  after that movie i swore id find somewhere else to take my truck stop prostitutes.  you know the guy who plays norman bates in the new version is freddie highmore.  hes a good actor, freddie highmore, hes great in this, but nobody could possibly top anthony perkins as norman bates.  anthony perkins was truly the master bates...'
- michelle monaghan
* john green

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