+ 'today is the day i look forward to all year', craig ferguson shares, 'today is william shakespeare's birthday. he would have been 449 years old today.  or as cbs calls it: our demographic!  you know who else's birthday it is? george lopez.  one is a genius who's timeless observations on the human condition could bring tears to the eyes, and the other is shakespeare.  now, william shakespeare's birthday is clearly a cause for celebration.  in honor of is birthday i will now do the monologue this evening in elizabethan english:  me thinks it is a great day for the new world... yeah, that's all, i'm not doing more after that.  see, speaking elizabethan english is like hosting a talk show, it seems like a good idea, then after about five seconds you realize you don't want to at all.'
- kevin bacon
- rebecca hall

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