+ 'it is, of course, not only friday, and the day after pi day, it is also march 15th: the ides of march!' craig ferguson informs, 'its the ides of march, you know that saying 'beware the ides of march'? it means today you have to be extra careful to avoid disaster.  although, if you are watching this show, you clearly did not heed the warnings.  the romans used to celebrate the ides of march with a giant military parade, people throwing flowers, live music, huge crowds.  it was like a parade in west hollywood, but with fewer gladiators...  anyway, julius caeser was assassinated on the ides of march.  he was stabbed in the back by someone he thought was a friend.  it was like he worked in show business!  historians say julius caesar brought ruin upon himself, he illegally seized power from the roman senate, then he proclaimed himself ruler for life, and worst of all, he decided to put anchovies in salad dressing.  the senate was like 'you've gone to far!'.'
- megan mullally
- alison brie

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