+ 'today is daffy duck's birthday!'  criag ferguson states, 'he is 76 years old today!  i was reading about daffy duck today, cause i knew i needed to talk about something, and i found out that his middle name is armando.  i did not know that, i did not know that we was spanish!  which makes him the forbidden duck!  he's actually spanish, he doesnt have a lisp, he's just speaking castillian spanish.  you know, a few years ago warner brothers tried to reboot the looney tunes characters, make them all cool, and all 'myspace' or whatever the hell they were doing.  they changed daffy duck's name to danger duck.  that happens though, when  executives get on things, they try and change it all up.  we had a similar thing here a couple years ago when cbs wanted me to dye my hair.  i'm like 'no way, i'm not bowing down to you and being a slave to your corporate agenda!'  which reminds me, its time for the commercials...'
- melissa rauch
- brad goreski

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