+ 'it is a great day if you are a late night talk show host', craig ferguson states, 'which technically i am.  technically.  anyway, its a great day because former congressman anthony wiener is returning to politics!  listen, if you had to do this crap every day you would love it when you hear a wiener is running!  thats what we live for!  wiener running again? that takes balls!  then you can say things like 'i guess you cant keep a good wiener down!'  if you dont know, anthony wiener is the guy who texted his pictures, you know, he texted pictures of his junk.  when is that ever a great idea?  no matter how well you know the person you are sending it to, how drunk do you have to be?  now he says he might run for the mayor of new york city.  he's a democrat, but from what i've seen, sometimes he leans to the right...'
- julia louis-dreyfus
- myq kaplan
= he's my brother she's my sister

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