+ 'it is a great day for science', craig ferguson shares, 'researchers in australia- they have researchers in australia?  wow!  well, they have cloned a frog.  now, not just any frog, this frog was extinct!  its a special type of frog that gives birth through its mouth!  this frog that they brought back, had been extinct, its been gone since the 80's, so its first question back was 'who shot jr?'  or 'wheres the beef?', 'did anyone solve the rubic's cube?', 'is charles still in charge?', 'o.j. did what?!?'.  anyway, all i'm saying is i dont see the point in cloning a frog unless its one of those frogs you can get high from licking- you know, a licky frog!  in which case, mass produce those things!  actually, i hope its not one of those frogs, because when you are tripping, the last thing you want to see is a little from coming out of a bigger frog!'
- seth green
- jenna-louise coleman

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