+ 'if you're at home watching this show', craig ferguson states, 'turn it off right now!  you aught to be ashamed of yourself! watching this crap while the wonders of the universe are right outside.  tonight there is a comet making the closest approach to earth.  now, is it really a comet or is it one of president obama's drones?  yes, your welcome fox news!  they said that the comet is visible to the naked eye.  what is that phrase?  my eyes are always naked- do people wear clothes on their eyes?!? 'ah, i cant see a fucking think!' its because you've got pants on your eyes!  there's a lot of people watching the comet tonight, i'm surprised that advertisers aren't sponsoring it- 'tonight's comet is brought to you by boner pills, for when you want to tap that assteroid!'  people all over the world are excited about the comet, even canadians are like 'oh, a comet, eh?'.'
- zach braff who stared in a unaired tv pilot with craig back in the 80's...
- gillian jacobs

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