+ 'i'll tell you why its a great weekend for fans of the rock and roll music', craig ferguson insists, 'its the coachella music festival!  its held every year in the california desert, a whole weekend of peace, love, and ten dollar bottles of water.  you know, the coachella festival is only a few hours away from l.a., lots of celebrities go.  danny devito and david hasselhoff have been there almost every year, which makes sense.  its hard for devito to see, so hasselhoff lets him sit on his shoulders, and after the concert is over, the two of them forage for hamburgers on the ground.  i went to coachella last year, i liked the music, but i didnt like being in the desert.  i kept bumping in to one of those prickly things covered in needles.  what are those called?  thats right, courtney love...'
- jason biggs
- keke palmer

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