tiny set with drew carey

'open the curtain, i'll show you what's back there', craig says as the curtain on the right side of the stage opens to reveal a tiny talk show host desk, and a guest chair with a puppet sized drew carey! 'when did that get there?  is that a tiny little drew carey?!?  did i know that was there?  no.  can i ask why is that there?' craig asks the producer michael, 'you dont know.  good producing, well done.  what the hell is going on?!?  why have we got a tiny little drew carey back there?  are the muppets doing a talk show when we're not here?  you know whats weird, i shouldn't tell you this, that is the actual size of drew carey.  why is that there? there is no reason for this, i have no idea why its there, i swear i have no idea about this.  is someone hosting a tiny little show back there?  like, so dave is on the big talk show, i'm on the much smaller talk show, and then there's a tiny little talk show back behind the curtain!'  craig then tells secretariat to walk around the tiny stage to show the crazy perspective.  really strange, really funny!

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