+ who just so happens to be in the audience for tonight's taping? why, scott adsit from 30 rock!  craig invites him up for the opening big and has a bit of fun with him.
+ 'it is an important birthday today', criag ferguson shares, 'it is the birthday, everyone is very excited around here, i know cbs is going crazy, there's a lot of events planned for this week because it is the birthday of american poet robert frost.  i love the idea of cbs' primetime 'robert frost week'!  hawaii 5-0 robert frost! nci dont know any of his poems!  robert frost got his own stamp in 1973.  it costed 10 cents.  it usually costs me more than twice that to lick an elderly person!  robert frost won four pulitzer prizes in his lifetime.  thats amazing!  if i had won four pulitzer prizes, or even one, i would wear them around my neck and i'd be like michael phelps in the club!  no, robert frost was probably much more dignified that that.  he had a fascinating life, he said that a poem begins as a lump in the throat.  look, i may not understand the whole idea of metaphors and allegories, but if your poem starts as a lump in the throat, maybe you should see a doctor!  now, i have mixed feelings about poetry.  i've said this before and i'll say it again, done well, poetry is fantastic, but not many people are capable of doing poetry well.  i think you should have some sort of official certification in order to perform or write poetry.  we could call it some sort of poetic licence  if you will. basically, i think poetry is like sex, its brief, confusing, and best left to professionals.'
- sarah chalke
* lawrence block

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