+ 'perhaps its a great day for the entire world', craig ferguson states, 'i dont know if you can smell that, i put out some pope- ouri!  i'm sure you've heard, the pope pickin' is over.  the white smoke came out of the vatican chimney, and as the old saying goes, 'if the church is a smokin', here comes the popein'!' there were one hundred thousand people packed into st. peter's square waiting for news of the pope.  it was a spectacular sight, it was like popeapalooza!  between that and monday night's bachelor finale, my eyes havent been dry all week!  anyway, the new pope, frances the first.  frances wasnt his first choice, but the church wisely talked him out of pope boo boo.  what do we know about pope frances? hes 76 years old, he's a former arch bishop, like long walks on the beach, giant hats, and the music of coldplay.  i'll tell you this: if he's 76 he probably watches cbs!  welcome your holiness!'
- olivia wilde
- windell middlebrooks

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