+ 'theres a movie opening today called the mechanic', craig ferguson shares, 'according to the movie, 'the mechanic' is code of a hitman. finally! at last a movie about a hitman! i havent seen a movie about a hitman since 'salt', that was actually about a hitwoman i suppose, so that was quite different, a hitman in 'the american', 'red', 'wanted', 'mr and mrs smith', 'kill bill', 'kill bill 2', collateral', 'the whole nine yards', 'the whole nine yards 2', 'the professional', 'pulp fiction', 'the borne identity', 'the borne supremacy', 'the borne ultimatum'. perhaps theres more. yes, there are more. you know what one i liked was 'assassins', in the 1990's. it stared antonio bandaras and silvester stalone. antonio bandaras has a castilian accent so he would say 'i am an athathin! i am an athathin and tho ith my costhar thelvethter thtalone'. for some reason the hitman is one of those movie characters that people just love. it never gets old. you know, youve got the hitman, the down on his luck prize fighter, youve got the hooker with the heart of gold. which, in real life you would have an easier time finding the lock ness monster than a hooker with a heart of gold. i look forward to your letters, nessie.'

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