+ 'its a very big day at the movies today' craig ferguson shares, 'green hornets out today, i hope its good, i'm very excited about this. because they have pushed back the release date a couple times, thats sometimes a worrying sign. apparently the people who saw the early trailers thought seth rogan was too chubby to play a kung fu master, which is aweful. i think he looks great! to me though, the only thing far fetched about green hornet is the plot, though. its about a playboy newspaper publisher who gives up his money and his girls and his parties to fight crime. come on, theres no newspaper publishers anymore! if you dont know about the green hornet, what he is is a vigelante who fights crime with his trusty sidekick kato. the green hornet has been around a while now, it was actually a radio show from the 1930's. thats how you know that you are running out of superheroes when you go back to the 1930's for radio. its true, when the green hornet started they experimented with different colors, he was the blue hornet, and i think he was the pink hornet for a while. by the way, if you want to experiment with a pink hornet, theres a place down on hollywood blvd. make sure you ask for the one with the big stinger. the swelling will never go down... one of the most popular radio shows back in the day was a show called 'the shadow'. the tag line was 'who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man? the shadow knows!' the shadow, what he did was had an invisible cloak, which is a fantastic device for radio... although, i dont know how an invisible cloak helps you look into the hearts of men, maybe into the hearts of the ladies locker room. about 15 years ago they made a movie of the shadow, alec baldwin played the shadow. i think thats why they never made a sequel. 'we're gunna need a bigger cloak! we can still see a great deal of him...'.'

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