+ 'you know, over the weekend true grit was number one at the box office' craig ferguson shares, 'its doing really well and i dont know why. it doesnt have any aliens or explosions, or karate, or fart jokes, or boobies. its not even in 3D. what kind of shit is this? hollywood is getting lazy trying to fool us with quality. the hero of true grit is rooster cogburn who is a tough but lovable one eyed rascal. anyway, the true grit stars two of the best actors in hollywood right now. i'm talking, of course, about matt damon's sideburns. they are magnificent. it looks like his ears are being nibbled by ferrets! anyway, the real star of true grit is jeff bridges. i'm a huge fan of his, he won the oscar last year and he could win again for this. its not fair, he's in good movies too often. he needs to make a crap movie to break it up a bit. he needs to make a movie about a cat that plays basketball or something.'

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