+ getting his revenge, craig ferguson finally got the clearance to air the 'dr. who' opening song from the episode dedicated to dr. who a few months back- and its quite funny!
+ 'do you love nature documentaries?' craig ferguson asks, 'i love them, i love to seeing animals in their natural habitat. its fascinating. thats why tonight is such a big night, a very important nature documentary starts tonight: season three of the jersey shore starts tonight. its a brand new season of the jersey shore because its been a whole two months since the last season ended. all the favorites are back, snooki, the situation, j-wow, tito, regis, yoda... anyway, this season they are taking college classes and working with politicians to create legislation. ha ha! no they are not, they will be punching each other and getting drunk off their asses. now, i've only ever seen a little bit of jersey shore. i saw it actually for the first time recently. its the kind of show you have to watch at least once or you feel left out. its what they call 'the water cooler' conversations. anyway, when i finally watched the jersey shore i thought 'is that it?' it doesnt bother me that much, its just a bunch of drunk stupid kids. i was like that. i've said this before, if the cameras were following me in my early 20's i would have been arrested. more.'
+ morgan freeman reads from snooki's book 'a shore thing'


Donald said...

Please please please use a spell checker or have someone proofread your stuff!

mb said...

Donald, I use the spell checker that is a part of the blogger template. as for proof reading, all of this is straight from the mouth of craig ferguson, so its not always perfectly written, its more 'stream of thought'. sorry for the problems it seems to cause you. after reading through this post again i am not certain what you are referring to. could you please cite an example? i hope to improve this site in any way i can, so your suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!