+ the late late show with craig ferguson is now broadcasting in australia for the first time! in honor of this event, craig says 'to my australian friends: welcome. to my american brothers and sisters: its the usual crap, everybody!'
+ 'not a lot going on in the movie industry this week', craig ferguson laments, 'we are in the thick of the awards season. the first big awards show is this weekend. its the adult video news awards are this weekend. now adult video news is a trade publication for adult fims, but i dont know if it really counts as news. i mean, is it a news organization? do they have crack reporters or do they just run fluff pieces? who knows, maybe they do have hard news... the avn awards are basically the porn oscars. but the porn industry is very different than hollywood of course, one is filled with sex addicts who do discusting things for a few bucks, and the other is the porn industry. anyway, if you are lucky enough to be nominated for a porn award this weekend, just remember: there are no losers, only wieners!'
+ secretariat in new york video

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