+ 'its a very big birthday this week, my favorite website is ten years old', craig ferguson shares, 'happy 10th anniversary naughtyvegetables.com. i'm talking, of course, about wikipedia. wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is ten year old this week. i think its ten years, i read that on wikipedia so its probably crap. no, the two biggest sites on the internet are wikipedia where you go to learn about things you care about, and facebook, where you go to learn about people you stopped caring about years ago. i'm not on facebook so if you are mad at me for not friending you, i'm innocent. or am i? people from all over the world edit and write articles for wikipedia. there are a lot of different languages, there are 266 language versions of wikipedia. i didnt even know that there were 266 languages! i only speak one language: sco-merican. and i can barely speak that. everything on the wikipedia during the early days was chaotic. there were a lot of factual errors. the wikipedia entry about me listed me as a comedian! then they changed it to entertainer! they werent even close! for me, having the wikipedia page is great, and its about me. i spent the 1980's mostly in a black out, so i read the wikipedia i can catch up and find out what i was doing! so thats why i was banned from holland! i should never have touched that dyke...'

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