+ 'did you watch season 10 of american idol started last night', craig ferguson asks, 'the ratings were huge. everybody in the entire world watched. the only people who didnt watch were al quida. 'oh, we'd rather watch glee! how do they come up with their ideas? every episode is fresh and interesting'. american idol though, its hard to believe 10 seasons of american idol. my favorite season was the one where the winner disappeared and we never heard from them again. which one was that again? no, thats not true. some big stars are from american idol. all these beautiful women, kelly clarkson, jennifer hudson, carrie underwood, clay aiken. all beautiful ladies! i'm doing really well with the glee crowd tonight, arent i? i have a feeling this years idol is going to be the best one ever! all our favorite characters are back: randy jackson,... thats it, no simon, no kara, no more of that adorable lesbian. whats her name again? thats right, ryan seacrest. no, ryan will be back. the new judges are steven tyler and jennifer lopez. you know, to me american idol seems to me like doing karaoke without being groped by chinese business men. whats the point? some people think simon cowell is irreplaceable and that american idol will collapse without him, and those people are called simon cowell.'

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