+ 'not a great day if you are an american mobster', craig ferguson shares, 'the feds arrested 127 mobsters in new york, new jersey, and rhode island. and the shocking part is that 4 of them were not named vinnie. the fbi busted members of every new york major crime family. the cops say they havent seen that many italian american men in handcuffs since they raided madonna's bedroom. wait, that doesnt make sense either. why would the nypd raid madonnas bedroom? i like how the fbi agents wear the windbreakers that say fbi on the back of them. its a bad ass uniform, its better than the mob uniform. the mob uniform used to be cool, you know, the fedora, the pinstripe suit. now theyve just got a valour tracksuit with juicy written on the ass. thats their uniform, right? bet that guy wasnt even in the mob when i think about it now. call me vinnie... the guys who got arrested today, among the things they were charged with was stealing the christmas bonuses of construction workers and shaking down strip clubs. they were messing with construction workers and strippers- these are my people! a mafia bust like this is harmful to the reputation of italian americans, they do almost as much damage as the jersey shore.'
* dan riskin this guy is really funny and interesting

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