+ 'its a very sad day today for the tv industry today', craig ferguson shares, 'one of the great broadcasters is stepping down. his full name is, of course, regis frances xavier philben. you may know him as reeg, the big daddy, the man on the telly who sits next to kelly. whatever you call him, he's leaving his morning show. he's not retiring, actually, hes going on to do other things. he's too young to retire, 79. here at cbs thats called a whippersnapper. its true, cbs has got andy rooney, mike wallace, that kid from two and a half men. no, that kid from two and a half men is like 90 years old. he is, hes got that benjamin button thing. thats why charlie sheen does all that stuff, to take the spotlight off him! its true! i admire the fact that regis knows when to walk away, though, i'd hate for him to hold on an extra year and start texting pictures of his penis to people. can i just say, i would really hate that. i dont know what he's going to do now, hes welcome to take over this crap here, i'm fine with that. i'm not sure he would get along with geoff though, he's used to kelly ripa. kelly ripa and geoff are very different of course, one's sexy and perky and knows how to talk to an old dude, and the other one is kelly ripa!
- larry king he and craig even switch spots and larry interviews craig.

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