bradley laise

bradley laise, a regular on 'the late late show with craig ferguson', stoped by the show tonight as a member of the audience. he regularly appears on some of the show's skits with craig. he is the little person who often accompanies craig in skits ranging from secretariat to 'access extratainment tonight with barney slash and john tesh'. craig calls him down and interviews him during the two minute segment at the start of the show.
'please state your name', craig grills him.

'bradley lace' he replies.
'if you are who you say you are', craig states, 'you appear on many of the sketches on this show, dont you bradley?'
'i do' bradley responds.
'when i came out to talk to the audience this evening, bradley lace, if thats who you say you are. which, it is who you say you are, but if is it who you are who you are. how come you are in the audience when you work here, bradley?' craig asks.
'because i got my arm twisted to come here' bradley responds.
'by whom, bradley?' craig asks.
'there's a cute blond in the front row there' bradley admits.
'you mean the one sitting next to your wife?' craig jokes, 'is this your passive aggressive way of saying we havent done many sketches recently?'
'well, it has been a while, buddy' bradley admits.
'i know what we can do. lets ask ourselves a question bradley', craig states, 'lets ask ourselves: who's that at the door?!?' then the two of them dance as secretariat comes out!

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