+ 'its a great day if you like the coffee', criag ferguson states, 'cause starbucks announced their biggest size coffee yet. its the 30 oz. coffee called 'the trenta'. which means 30 in italian. i thought 30 in italian was 'itsa thirty!' i admit i love starbucks, but i prefer making my coffee at home though. i do it right, every morning i wake up and ground my own beans, then i go downstairs and make a cup of coffee... i've got mixed feelings about this new trenta size, on one hand i want to buy one and bathe in it. well, why not? doctors say coffee can reduce wrinkles. at least, thats what i tell people when they catch me dipping my nuts in the coffee pot. it doesnt hurt as much as ironing it! and its cheaper than botox. do people do that? actually put botox in their business? why not- scrotox! i dont know if that much coffee is a good idea. it cant be healthy to consume what amounts to be a big gulp of hot joe. if you want a big gulp of hot joe, i know a place on hollywood blvd... coffee used to be a manly drink, but not anymore. the word frappichino sounds like a gay act with al pachino! i hope this new trenta drink doesnt take the employees at starbucks away from what they do best, which is getting my name wrong every time i go in.'

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