+ 'happy new year! its a great day for this show, its our 6th anniversary!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'six years! we are very excited here about our 6th anniversary. you know it was six years ago today that i stood on this same spot with absolutely no idea what i was doing, and nothings changed. its true, when i look back on all that we have done on this show, more than a thousand shows, millions of viewers, awards, kudos, free candy for the audience; all this fantastic stuff, and one cbs promo. not kidding. cbs cares... anyway, this is how long we have been on the air: when i started on cbs, there were only 37 csi shows! if today is the sixth anniversary of the show, that means that tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of me not giving a crap. i'm kidding, i love this show. i resolve to make 2011 the best year we have ever had. on a scale of 1 to 10 this year, i'm going for a solid 4. anyway, we got some great anniversary gifts this year. the traditional gift for the sixth anniversary is candy. and when i got here today candy was in my dressing room. candy, of course, is the name of the escort found in charlie sheen's closet. anyway, a lot of people make new years resolutions, not me. i feel like resolutions set me up for disappointment. last year my resolution was to learn spanish, but it didnt last that long. it only lasted about dos week-os. i rest my case, really. at this point in my life, though, i cant make any good resolutions. i dont drink, i dont smoke, and i've only got one dangerous habit left: breeding bengal tigers. i'm just kidding, i breed ferrets! you may have thought with this being a new year i would have new material. nope.'

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