secretariat in new york

'now, before the holidays we sent the horse, secretariat, we sent him... i think its a him, we sent him to new york to deliver a christmas gift to jimmy fallon, who is my direct time slot competitor on nbc. anyway, the horse disappeared for a week and i'm like 'where has he been? whats he been up to?' we now have the footage from where he was! take a look everybody, secretariat in new york!'
during the segment we see that secretariat visits 'live with regis and kelly', walks the streets of new york, visiting the empire state building's observation deck. visiting the old apartment craig lived in during the 80's. he visits 'the view', and he drops in to see katie curic doing the secretariat dance at 'cbs news.' he walks down broadway and even stops by 'the late show with david letterman'! where dave replies 'yet another waste of time on tonights show'.

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