+ 'its not a great day for me, i went to the doctor today', craig feguson admits, 'turns out i've got oscar fever! the oscars on on sunday, but so is the daytona 500.  so its going to be a great day for gay nascar fans!  los angeles loves the oscars, people here go nuts.  they spend all weekend putting on their make up, squeezing in  to their dresses, pressing their boobies together- and the women are worse!  and they've closed down hollywood blvd this weekend, and if youve never been up there- dont, its sad and dangerous.  the oscars is a perfect representation of hollywood though, cause hollywood releases hundreds of movies a year and about three of them are good, and the oscars are eight hundred minutes long and about three of them are entertaining.  but this year i have high hopes because the host is seth macfarlane.  i like seth, i think he's talented and clever, and i think he will do a great job.  he's a real song and dance man, there are only three song and dance men left in hollywood: seth, billy crystal, and madonna.'
- william shatner
- alona tal

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