+ 'its a great day for fans of monopoly', craig feguson shares, 'the game that introduced generations of kids to the concept of mortgage debt.  today the makers of monopoly have added a new game piece: the cat!  now, as we all know, in the game monopoly, players move their pieces around the board buying up property and the winner is decided when everyone goes 'i'm bored with this!'.  or really its the banker who wins because usually the banker is cheating- just like in real life!  anyway, they are hoping, with the addition of the cat, to reboot the game for 21st century kids.  not entirely sure the cat is going to do it, monopoly!  kids are like 'i dont want to play call of duty, so long world of warcraft, fuck you angry birds- monopoly is the best!'  the new cat piece was selected after weeks of online voting.  i'm like 'is that a surprise?  is anyone surprised?'  whenever there is a vote for something on the internet its always a cat that wins.  look, if the presidential election were online, the winner would be that cat that loves cheeseburgers!  'can i haz the presidency?'.'
- emmy rossum
* jon ronson

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