+ 'its a great day if you love the independent cinema', craig ferguson shares, 'today is the first day of the 20th annual sundance film festival.  this year the sundance jury picks between 87 different films.  i'd like to be on that jury someday, i'd take it very seriously, i'd wear a robe and have a gavel   i'd bang the gavel and be like 'i find your film guilty of being self indulgent and boring the crap out of me!  i here by sentence you to a weekend at bernie's and anything by pauly shore'.  i dont know if i could be a judge, you watch five movies a day- that sounds exhausting!  maybe thats just a sign of how out of shape i am, but it sounds exhausting!  a lot of these indy movies are too long as well, i just read that one of these films clocks in at over three hours.  its called jodie foster's acceptance speech!  day four!  i think we can spin this joke out for the whole week!  this year at sundance, joseph gordon levitt has a movie about a guy who is addicted to porn, and amanda seyfried has a movie about the porn star linda lovelace, and there are a bunch of other movies- they arent about porn so i dont know anything about them.  winning at sundance can be the springboard to years of artistic fulfillment making interesting and challenging feature films.  on the other hand, i once had a film that won at sundance, so...'
- julia stiles
- jerry ferrara
tom cotter

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