+ 'it is a great day for a bunch of thieves in belgium'. craig ferguson explains, 'they pulled off a brazen jewel heist.  at the brussels airport they got away with more than fifty million in pure, uncut, diamonds.  the diamond heist is the biggest robbery ever pulled off at an airport, if you don't count them charging twenty five bucks to check your bag in!  am i right?  the police in belgium are still investigating who is behind the theft.  i'm thinking its probably jason statham.  think about it, its exactly the kind of thing he does in his movies!  if it was one of statham's movies he would get a rag tag crew of renegades for one last job.  see, this is what i think, putting together a group of immoral thieves is surprisingly easy.  these days there is a public place where they all congregate- its called washington dc!'
- jon cryer
- melissa benoist

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