+ 'it is perhaps the greatest day ever!' craig ferguson suggests, 'because it is day two of geoff peterson and the bone patrol band!  but more than that, it is a great day for two american icons: the ruler of hawaii, tom selleck, and the ruler of the rest of the world: oprah winfrey!  happy birthday!  now, tom selleck and oprah winfrey are very different of course, one is a rough and tumble sex pot who enjoys a bushy mustache, and the othe one is tom selleck!  oh come on, steadman has a mustache!  i always think its got to be tough for steadman, at christmas he buys her a nice robe, and she buys him france.  'great, another country.  thanks, oprah'.  what do you buy oprah winfrey for her birthday?  she's got everything.  what do you buy a woman who has everything apart from a successful television network...?  its a joke, i love oprah.  i really respect oprah, she's from a tough background.  her story is an amazing american story.  she started dirt poor in the south and she went on to help millions.  she was her generation's honey boo boo!'
- simon helberg
> maria bamford

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